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Jeff Danysh has been a Web Designer / Web Developer / Graphic Designer / SEO Specialist for over 12 years in New York City, New Jersey & Philadelphia.

organic seo strategy / web design / custom wordpress / graphic design / social media / web site audit

My experience ranges from small start ups, accomplished artists, celebrities, fashion designers, law offices, non-profits and multi billion dollar corporations.
Please connect with me regarding any of the following services:

Organic SEO

Need top ranking in organic search results? I will build a custom SEO strategy based off your competitors and brand needs.

Web Design & Development

Need a custom web site, or your current web site maintained? I have 12 years experience with many different frameworks.


Need a custom Wordpress theme, or does your current Wordpress site need maintanance? I can help!

Graphic Design

Need some photo retouching or design mock-ups? Contact me and we can talk!

Social Media

Need a Social Media strategy? Let me help create content for all your social media & blog posts.

Web Site Audit

Need to know if your web site is performing the way it should regarding SEO and Architecture?

#OrganicSEO Know the competition & key phrases used. Do a comp analysis based off page 1 results & key phrases used danysh.com

Danysh Blog

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August 29, 2015

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August 26, 2015

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The Importance of Title Tags in SEO

August 15, 2015

The prominence formula takes the following factors into account: 1. Keyword positions in the area 2. Number of words in the keyword 3. Total number of words in the area Keywords that appear ... Read More

Need a Blank Theme for WordPress?

August 10, 2015

Creating a new Wordpress project and need a great blank theme? Bones is a completely free starter theme (not a framework) built with the latest best practices. It serves as an excellent base... Read More

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